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AQUENCE ENV 1626-23 White, highly concentrated, fast setting water-based acrylate dispersion. Ideal for pressure sensitive applications and fast line speeds.
BONDERITE C-AD 0508 Industrial Cleaner - Cleaning booster for mildly alkaline and neutral cleaning solutions used in spray processes.
BONDERITE C-AD 42900 Industrial defoamer based on glycols and surface active materials in a new water-soluble foil package.
BONDERITE C-AK 11010 Industrial cleaner - Powder parts cleaner used in spray processes for degreasing of all metals.
BONDERITE C-AK 359 Industrial cleaner - Yellow, liquid spray parts cleaner especially formulated for degreasing all types of metals.
BONDERITE C-AK 4181 AERO Alkaline metal pre-treatment cleaner - Highly alkaline, free-flowing granular mix formulated to remove paint, shop soils, rust and light scale.
BONDERITE C-AK 4215 NC AERO Granular mixture to clean aerospace metals, including metals that come in contact with LOX.
BONDERITE C-AK 4215 NC-LT AERO White granular mix developed for cleaning ferrous and non-ferrous alloys by spray, immersion and ultrasonic methods at low temperatures.
BONDERITE C-AK 5668 Industrial parts cleaner - Clear, colorless liquid composed of alkalis, silicates, phosphates and organic acid salts.
BONDERITE C-AK 5800 Clear, colorless, alkaline industrial spray cleaner for parts with high degreasing performance on cast iron, steel and plastic parts which also provides temporary rust prevention.
BONDERITE C-AK T308 White powder, high-performance, high in phosphate, alkaline hot immersion soak cleaning compound suited to cleaning of steel and cast iron substrates.
BONDERITE C-AK T7205 Industrial maintenance cleaner - Composed of phosphates, surfactants and fragrance. It is used for manual cleaning, or with floor cleaning machines.
BONDERITE C-IC 1 Industrial parts cleaner - Designed for cleaning stainless heat exchangers and coated filters.
BONDERITE C-IC 146 Highly concentrated heavy-duty maintenance cleaner and corrosion remover for limescale which is ideal for heat exchangers and pipes; suitable for all metals.
BONDERITE C-MC 1030 Solvent-free, water-based, heavy-duty industrial maintenance cleaner for fountain and washing table applications which is ideal for removing a wide range of soils from mechanical parts.
BONDERITE C-MC 1204 Solvent-free, universal industrial parts cleaner with excellent penetrating action on dirt and easy dissolution of grease. Can be applied manually or by spraying or dipping.
BONDERITE C-MC 12300 Solvent-free, biodegradable, universal cleaner for machines and surfaces in work shops, storerooms and social rooms (floors, walls, fixtures out of concrete, plastics, ceramics).
BONDERITE C-MC 20100 Neutral, low foaming, perfumed floor cleaner for daily cleaning of sensitive floor materials such as tiles, concrete and synthetic materials.
BONDERITE C-MC 21130 Cleaner for dissolving both aqueous and solvent-containing paints, lacquers, varnishes, latex, rubber, resins, and electrophoretic deposits (EPD).
BONDERITE C-MC 300 Maintenance cleaner - Clear, slightly brownish butyl glycol-free cleaner. It was developed for cleaning painting equipment like guns, bells and nozzles.
BONDERITE C-MC 3000 Water-based, phosphate-free cleaning product designed for the exteriors of trains, cars, lorries, tarpaulin covers and other vehicles.
BONDERITE C-MC 352 Solvent-free spray cleaner for cleaning of mechanical parts applied with spray equipment. Working concentrations: 2 to 6 %. Treatment time is according to the desired use.
BONDERITE C-MC 400 Heavy-duty, label-free maintenance cleaner which is highly efficient at removing any type of graffiti and particularly bitumen-containing spray paints.
BONDERITE C-MC 80 Yellow-brown, liquid, heavy-duty workshop and floor cleaner used in high pressure and steam jet cleaning devices.
BONDERITE C-MC N DB Neutral formulation heavy-duty cleaner for vehicle exterior. Excellent surface compatibility.
BONDERITE C-NE 175 Industrial parts cleaner - Used after cutting, stamping or pressing, simultaneously passivating steel, cast iron and aluminum work pieces.
BONDERITE C-NE 3300 Clear, light-yellowish, neutral, water-based industrial parts liquid cleaner which contains organic corrosion inhibitors suitable for a range of processes and multi metals.
BONDERITE C-NE 5026 Industrial parts cleaner - Neutral cleaner which is used in spray processes for cleaning after cutting, stamping or pressing.
BONDERITE C-NE 800 Neutral, nitrite-free industrial liquid parts cleaner used for heated and unheated multi-metal parts washing; contains organic rust inhibitors.
BONDERITE C-SO 102 Industrial parts cleaner - Clear, colorless, low viscosity, special liquid oil based on a highly refined aliphatic hydrocarbon mixture with corrosion protection properties.
BONDERITE L-FM L67 colorless, virtually odorless, organic lubricating oil for blanking, forming and stamping.
BONDERITE M-AC 50 CF Metal pre-treatment - Powdered activating product added to the rinsing bath prior to a dip or spray phosphate treatment.
BONDERITE M-AD 100 Metal pre-treatment - Clear liquid additive used to decrease the pH-value of metal treatment baths.
BONDERITE M-CR 407 UK Rapid, economical, non-electrolytic process, forming a protective green coloured chrome (III) phosphate coating on aluminium and its alloys.
BONDERITE M-CR ALCRM1000 AERO Yellowish, metal pre-treatment conversion coating dip which produces protective coatings on aluminum and its alloys.
BONDERITE M-CR ALCRM1200 AERO 2-part dip or brush-on protective treatment for industrial and electrical components, vehicle parts, domestic appliances and aircraft components.
BONDERITE M-CR ALCRM1200BR Yellowish, 2-part, brush-applied, rapid liquid pre-treatment conversion coating offering a protective conversion coating on aluminium and its alloys.
BONDERITE M-ED 11001 Liquid concentrate which prevents the formation of unsightly smut during the sealing of anodized aluminum, without adverse effects on quality tests
BONDERITE M-ED 11002 Coating and pre-treatment solution for anodising. Applied by dip techniques. Qualanod approved.
BONDERITE M-FE 3649 L Cleaner coater - 1- or 2-part, clear, yellowish liquid pre-painting treatment of spare parts in the automotive, appliances and metal furniture industries.
BONDERITE M-FE 3990 Cleaner coater - 1-Part, clear, yellowish liquid pre-painting treatment of spare parts in the automotive, appliances and metal furniture industries.
BONDERITE M-FE 50T Cleaner coater - 1- or 2-Part, colorless to light yellowish liquid cleaner coater based on acidic phosphates formulated to treat steel, galvanized steel and aluminum alloys in the pre-painting treatment of spare parts
BONDERITE M-FE 687 Heavy colorless liquid for spray application. It imparts a corrosion-resistant coating which greatly improves paint adhesion onto metal surfaces.
BONDERITE M-FE LS-1 Removes laser scale and creates a new conversion coating on steel and other ferrous surfaces.
BONDERITE M-MN 117 Coating and pre-treatment for phosphating applications on iron and steel parts. Applied by dipping.
BONDERITE M-NT 1 Green alternative to conventional iron phosphate used on steel, zinc and aluminum surfaces.
BONDERITE M-NT 1200 MU A Phosphate-free substitute for zinc phosphating. Applied by spraying or dipping on to steel, galvanised steel or aluminium surfaces.
BONDERITE M-NT 1455 Chromium-free and water-based corrosion protecting surface treatment supplied in the form of wipes for metals
BONDERITE M-NT 1455-W Body Repair – Corrosion prevention by conservation of metal surface, fast and easy wipe-on application.
BONDERITE M-NT 160 Rapid, chrome-free passivation dipping process to create a conversion coating on the surface of light metals (aluminum, magnesium, and their alloys).
BONDERITE M-NT 161 Rapid, chrome-free passivation dipping process to create a conversion coating on the surface of light metals (aluminum, magnesium, and their alloys).
BONDERITE M-NT 2011 Flash-rust resistant, phosphate-free, spray or immersion pre-treatment liquid formulated for steel, galvanized steel and aluminum surfaces.
BONDERITE M-NT 20120 Flash-rust resistant, phosphate-free, spray or immersion pre-treatment liquid formulated for steel, galvanized steel and aluminum surfaces.
BONDERITE M-NT 30001 Phosphate- and chromate-free, liquid pre-treatment spray or dip, formulated to treat galvanized steel, steel and aluminum surfaces by dip or spray application.
BONDERITE M-NT 400 Liquid product that offers chrome-free conversion for light metals, or post-passivation for phosphate layers. GSB and Qualicoat approved
BONDERITE M-NT 4850 JC30KG Liquid spray/dip producing a chrome-free, colourless conversion treatment on light metals and chromium free post-passivation on phosphated surfaces.
BONDERITE M-PP 866 R Flexible PVDC coating that protects against corrosion. It is water-based, dip-applied and provides outstanding barrier properties and high impact resistance.
BONDERITE M-PT 54 NC Metal pre-treatment - Acidic, chrome-free liquid chemical used as post-passivation in either immersion or spray final rinse.
BONDERITE M-ZN 952 Clear, environmently friendly, tricationic zinc phosphate surface pre-treatment liquid coating for metals. Excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance properties. Quick process.
BONDERITE M-ZN 958 MU Nitrite-accelerated tricationic phosphating metal pre-treatment process for steel, galvanized and alloy coated (Zn/Ni) steel.
BONDERITE O-PC 1090 Produces a phosphate coating and black finish in just one process. It is a one operation, non aqueous pre-treatment and organic coating dip.
BONDERITE S-AD 31A Industrial cleaner - brownish, chloride-free liquid inhibitor for many acids, mixtures of acids and, conditionally, for hydrochloric acid.
BONDERITE S-AD 60 Industrial hydrochloric acid cleaner - Brownish liquid inhibitor which has a strong inhibiting effect in hydrochloric acid.
BONDERITE S-FN 7400 Aqueous solution providing instant temporary corrosion protection to steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metals.
BONDERITE S-MA 522 Tan-colored, 1-part, air-cured, peelable, protective viscous liquid coating designed to provide protection against hot caustic and acidic solutions.
BONDERITE S-PD 828 Neutral coagulant for detacking over sprayed water-based and solvent-based paints. Best applied in low concentrations.
BONDERITE S-PD 951 Paint coagulant - White, organic polymer emulsion paint coagulant which allows a good separation of solids from the circulating water and a high solid content in the discharged paint sludge.
BONDERITE S-PR 3 Organic, mineral oil-based product for protection of ferrous metals parts while in storage or transport. Ready to use.
BONDERITE S-PR 6776 Clear, yellowish, industrial dip/spray liquid parts pre-machining cleaner for and post-machining corrosion protection for long term storage. Suitable for multi-metals.
BONDERITE S-ST 5351 AERO Yellow, viscous paint remover developed to remove epoxy, polyurethane and similar coatings from metal surfaces at ambient temperatures.
BONDERITE S-ST 6776 A low odor, thixotropic paint remover for stripping of epoxies, epoxy primers, polyurethanes, etc.
LOCTITE 222 Threadlocking Adhesive - low strength. Easy disassembly. Suitable for all metal threaded assemblies.
LOCTITE 242 Medium strength, medium viscosity thixotropic threadlocking adhesive for metal thread sizes up to M36.
LOCTITE 243 Threadlocking Adhesive - medium strength. General purpose. Suitable for all metal threaded assemblies.
LOCTITE 262 Medium/high strength, thixotropic methacrylate-based threadlocking adhesive which fluoresces under UV light to allow monitoring.
LOCTITE 270 Threadlocking Adhesive - high strength. Permanent locking. Suitable for all metal threaded assemblies.
LOCTITE 2701 High strength, low viscosity, green, methacrylate-based threadlocking adhesive which fluoresces under UV light to allow monitoring.
LOCTITE 272 Red, high strength, medium viscosity, methacrylate-based threadlocking adhesive with high temperature resistance.
LOCTITE 277 Red, high strength, high viscosity methacrylate-based threadlocking adhesive, suited to large threads. Fluoresces to allow monitoring.
LOCTITE 278 Green, high strength, medium viscosity methacrylate-based threadlocking adhesive. High temperature resistance.
LOCTITE 290 Threadlocking adhesive - medium/ high strength. Ideal for locking preassembled fasteners.
LOCTITE 3090 Instant Adhesive - 2-component. Multi-purpose. High gap-filling capacity (5mm). For professional repairs.
LOCTITE 401 Instant Adhesive - general purpose. Low viscosity. Ideal for use on porous substrates.
LOCTITE 406 Instant Adhesive - low viscosity. Ideal for bonding of plastics and elastomeric materials where very fast fixturing is required.
LOCTITE 4061 Low viscosity ethyl-based instant adhesive. ISO 10993 certified. colorless and transparent.
LOCTITE 407 Transparent, colorless ethyl-based instant adhesive (cyanoacrylate) which cures very quickly when confined between two close-fitting surfaces.
LOCTITE 415 Transparent, colorless, methyl-based instant adhesive which has a high viscosity. Well suited to metals and suitable for rubbers and plastic.
LOCTITE 420 Transparent, colorless, ethyl-based general purpose instant capillary adhesive.
LOCTITE 431 Transparent, colorless, medium viscosity, ethyl-based universal instant adhesive.
LOCTITE 435 Transparent, colorless, toughened humidity-cured ethyl-based instant adhesive. Well suited to plastics, rubbers, metals and porous/acidic surfaces.
LOCTITE 454 Instant Adhesive - general-purpose gel. Non-drip. Ideal for overhead applications.
LOCTITE 4601 Low odor, low bloom instant, low viscosity general purpose adhesive where cosmetic appearance is important. ISO 10993 certified.
LOCTITE 480 Instant Adhesive - toughened. Ideal for bonding metal to metal, to rubber or magnets. Good resistance in humid environments. Fast curing.
LOCTITE 496 Low viscosity instant adhesive formulated primarily for bonding metals. Also bonds plastics, rubbers and polyolefins. 10 - 30 secs fixture time.
LOCTITE 50 ml Adhesive Mixing Nozzle 50 ml mixer nozzle for 1:1 mixing of 4090 hybrid adhesive.
LOCTITE 510 Gasketing Product- high temperature and chemical resistance. Ideal for use on rigid flanges.
LOCTITE 518 Medium-strength, general purpose gasketing product - excellent contamination tolerance. Ideal for use on casted iron, steel and aluminum flanges.
LOCTITE 5188 Gasketing Product - excellent oil and chemical resistance. General purpose. Highly flexible.
LOCTITE 542 Thread Sealant - medium strength. For fine threads in hydraulic, pneumatic and general fittings. Fast curing.
LOCTITE 55 Thread Sealing Cord - immediate full pressure sealing. Allows reliable re-adjustments.
LOCTITE 567 Off-white, low disassembly strength methacrylate thread sealant, ideal for sealing coarse threads up to M80/R3”. UL approved.
LOCTITE 572 Medium strength thread sealant for coarse threads on metal pipes and fittings. Slow curing to allow adjustment after sealant application.
LOCTITE 573 Gasketing Product - slow curing. Ideal for use on machined and rigid metal flanges.
LOCTITE 574 Gasketing Product - general purpose. Ideal for use on machined and rigid metal flanges
LOCTITE 577 Medium-strength, general purpose thread sealant for straight/straight and straight/taper threads and fittings. Fills the space between threaded parts and seals and locks at the same time.
LOCTITE 5772 Medium strength thread sealant for pipes and fittings used in the nuclear industry. Also for stainless steel without the need for surface activation.
LOCTITE 603 Retaining Compound - high strength. Ideal for bearings. For use on close-fitting cylindrical parts. High oil tolerance.
LOCTITE 620 Retaining Compound - high strength. High temperature resistance.
LOCTITE 638 Retaining Compound - high strength. General purpose. Fast curing.
LOCTITE 640 High strength, methacrylate ester-based retaining compound that is slow curing; ideal for large diameter components and active metals such as brass.
LOCTITE 641 Retaining Compound - medium strength. If disassembly is required. Ideal for parts that need subsequent dismantling.
LOCTITE 648 Retaining compound which is typically used for holding gears and sprockets onto gearbox shafts and rotors on electric motor shafts.
LOCTITE 660 Retaining Compound - high strength. Gap filling. For repair of worn-out seats, keys, splines, bearings or tapers without remachining.
LOCTITE 661 High strength, low viscosity, anaerobic, methacrylate retaining compound that is also cured by UV light to prevent migration from the joint.
LOCTITE AA 319 LOCTITE 319 – Direct glazing, glass-metal bonder.
LOCTITE AA 330 Pale-yellow, general purpose structural bonder which is ideal for bonding dissimilar substrates like PVC, phenolic and acrylic compounds.
LOCTITE AA 352 Transparent, amber, UV light/activator-cured acrylic adhesive, good resistance to chemicals and high humidity. Ideal for glass, metals and ceramics.
LOCTITE EA 3463 Structural Bonding - 2-component epoxy. Steel-filled kneadable stick for emergency repair.
LOCTITE EA 3478 2-part, ferro-silicon filled epoxy resin system. Extremely resistant to corrosion, chemical attack and abrasion.
LOCTITE EA 3479 2-part, aluminum-filled epoxy adhesive that is ideal for the repair and recovery of worn and damaged machinery.
LOCTITE EA M-31 CL 2-part, clear, colorless to slightly yellow, low viscosity, liquid epoxy adhesive which cures at room temperature once mixed. ISO 10993 approved.
LOCTITE FREKOTE 44NC Clear, solvent-based, moisture-cured, semi-permanent polymer mould release agent which provides multiple release for most moulding processes.
LOCTITE FREKOTE 55NC Clear, solvent-based, moisture-cured, semi-permanent release polymer with reduced odor.
LOCTITE FREKOTE 700NC Clear, solvent-based, moisture-curing, release epoxy for most advanced composites and also polyester resins.
LOCTITE FREKOTE 770NC Clear, solvent-based, moisture-cured, epoxy mould release agent for advanced composites and FRP polyester parts.
LOCTITE FREKOTE B-15 Solvent based polymer mold sealer formulated for composite and metal molds with micro porosity problems, small surface scratches or imperfections.
LOCTITE FREKOTE FMS Solvent-based sealer for composite moulds. Offers a fast cure time of 20 min.
LOCTITE FREKOTE FREWAX Unique combination of wax and a FREKOTE semi-permanent polymer release agent. Offers ease-of-application and complete mould coverage.
LOCTITE HY 4090 Off-white to light yellow 2-part hybrid adhesive with a high viscosity/non-drip for use in structural bonding. High humidity and vibration resistance.
LOCTITE LB 8007 Exclusive anti-seize aerosol lubricant paste with copper and graphite suspended in high quality grease. NLGI Grade of 0.
LOCTITE LB 8008 C5-A Exclusive anti-seize lubricant in a brush top form with copper and graphite suspended in high quality grease. NLGI Grade of 0.
LOCTITE LB 8040 Lubricant - emergency repair. Shock freezing (-40°C). Releases rusted, corroded and seized components. Wicks directly into the rust by capillary action.
LOCTITE LB 8201 Lubricant - multi-purpose oil. General purpose. Five-way spray. Ideal for light lubrication of metals.
LOCTITE PC 7117 2-part, ceramic-filled, brushable, epoxy-based surface coating for metal parts. Ideal for protecting against fine particle abrasion or erosion. Long working life.
LOCTITE PC 7118 Black, brushable ceramic which is a solvent-free liquid epoxy coating for protecting metal surfaces against abrasion and corrosion.
LOCTITE PC 7218 2-part, grey, ceramic-filled, trowelable, epoxy-based surface coating for metals. Ideal for protecting against coarse particle abrasion or erosion, or for rebuilding worn parts.
LOCTITE PC 7219 2-part, grey, ceramic-filled, rubber-modified, trowelable, epoxy-based surface coating for metals. Offers high impact protection against coarse particle abrasion or erosion.
LOCTITE PC 7221 2-part, grey, ceramic-filled, brushable, epoxy-based surface coating for metals. Offers high chemical resistance to protect against extreme corrosion.
LOCTITE PC 7222 2-part, grey, ceramic-filled, trowelable, epoxy-based surface coating putty for protecting badly worn surfaces. Does not demonstrate shrinkage or sagging.
LOCTITE PC 7226 2-part, grey, carbide-filled, trowelable, epoxy-based surface coating for protecting against fine particle abrasion.
LOCTITE PC 7227 2-part, grey, ceramic-filled, brushable, epoxy-based, ultra-smooth surface coating with self-levelling properties which protects against fine particle abrasion.
LOCTITE PC 7228 2-part, white, ceramic-filled, brushable, self-levelling, ultra-smooth epoxy surface coating with self-levelling properties which protects against fine particle abrasion.
LOCTITE PC 7229 2-part, grey, ceramic-filled, trowelable, epoxy surface coating putty with high temperature resistance that protects processing equipment from fine particle abrasion.
LOCTITE PC 7255 2-part, green/grey, ceramic-filled, sprayable epoxy surface coating that provides a high gloss, low friction surface which is resistant to fine particle abrasion.
LOCTITE PC 7266 2-part, blue, non-filled, sprayable epoxy surface coating that adheres well to all metal surfaces protecting them against chemical attack and corrosion.
LOCTITE PC 7277 2-part, blue, solvent-free, brushable, composite epoxy coating with high chemical resistance. It is specifically designed for the protection of concrete surfaces.
LOCTITE SF 7039 Parts Cleaner - spray. Ideal for cleaning electrical contacts exposed to moisture or other contaminants.
LOCTITE SF 7063 Parts Cleaner - general purpose. For use prior to bonding and sealing applications. Leaves no residue.
LOCTITE SF 7070 Solvent-based (non-CFC), general purpose cleaner for plastic parts. Will remove heavy oils without risk of stress cracks.
LOCTITE SF 7109 Perfluocarbon-based activator that increases the cure speed of LOCTITE instant adhesive. Non-flammable and non-combustible.
LOCTITE SF 7200 Parts Cleaner - gasket remover. Removes gasket sealants in 10-15 minutes.
LOCTITE SF 7240 Surface Preparation - activator. Solvent-free. Low temperature curing.
LOCTITE SF 7414 Blue, high viscosity, solvent-based, fast drying paste used to visually detect any movement in the adjustment of parts such as compression fittings, studs, nuts, parts and assemblies.
LOCTITE SF 7500 Blue/blue-green, solvent-free, non-toxic, aqueous liquid that converts rust into a stable matt black complex. Also used as a primer for subsequent painting.
LOCTITE SF 770 Surface Preparation - polyolefin primer. Ideal for difficult-to-bond plastics.
LOCTITE SF 7850 Hand Cleaner - general purpose. Based on natural extract. Biodegradable. Can be used with or without water.
LOCTITE SF 7900 Unique, silicone-free, ceramic protective coating that protects welding equipment from spatter for up to 8 hours without re-application.
LOCTITE SI 5699 Gasketing Product - tack-free after 10 min. Water- glycol resistance. Ideal for use on flexible flanges, machined or cast surfaces, metal or plastic.
LOCTITE SI 5700 Polyaddition silicone liquid adhesive sealant. It has no by-products, low shrinkage, is non-corrosive and environmentally safe.
LOCTITE SI 5900 Silicone-based gasketing product suitable for various substrates. Good resistance to oil and joint movement.
LOCTITE SI 5910 Low strength gasketing product for flexible flanges. Good resistance to oil and joint movement.
LOCTITE SI 5920 Low strength gasketing product for high temperature applications. Suitable for flexible flanges and gaps up to 1 mm.
LOCTITE SI 595 Clear, 1-part, thixotropic, room temperature-cure, acetoxy silicone vulcanizing compound paste sealant with an acetic acid odor.
LOCTITE SI 5970 Gasketing Product - very good oil resistance. Ideal for use where high vibration or flexing occurs.
TEROSON EP 5055 Body Repair – Structural bonder, 2-component epoxy, high-strength adhesive, corrosion protection.
TEROSON ET AIR GUN MULTIPRESS Equipment – Dispensing tool, air pressure gun with telescopic piston rod, cartridge, spray application.
TEROSON ET CR FC HEATINGBOX 6PC Equipment – Heating device, aluminium and plastic cartridges, foil packs.
TEROSON ET CR HEATINGBOX 2PC Equipment – Heating device, for aluminium cartridges, foil packs 400 ml.
TEROSON ET DOOR EDGE NOZZLE Equipment – Dispensing nozzle, sealing bead, door sealing applications.
TEROSON ET GUN POWERLINE II Equipment – Dispensing tool, high-pressure air pressure gun with piston rod, for flat-stream and wide-stream nozzle applications.
TEROSON ET MULTI CUT A kit that contains all the necessary tools for one person to remove vehicle windscreens.
TEROSON ET PLASTIC REPAIR MESH Equipment – Accessory, expendable, reinforcing glass fibre mat, plastic repair mesh.
TEROSON ET QUAD STATMIXER LARGE Equipment – Dispensing and mixing nozzle, coupling nut.
TEROSON ET STAKU HAND GUN Equipment – Dispensing tool, hand gun, easy to use, easy to maintain and clean, suitable for aluminium and plastic cartridges.
TEROSON ET UBC STANDARD GUN Equipment – Dispensing tool, air pressure gun, suitable for UBC, wax and stone chip compounds, adjustable nozzle, low-pressure application.
TEROSON FLATSTREAM NOZZLE Equipment – Dispensing nozzle, applies OEM flat-stream texture, seam sealing applications, PowerLine II.
TEROSON MS 930 1-part, white, grey or black, thixotropic silane modified polymer sealant/adhesive. This is a multi-purpose product providing good primerless adhesion.
TEROSON MS 939 Highly versatile, industrial, elastic bonding adhesive with fast skin formation. Also demonstrates high strength and excellent weathering resistance.
TEROSON MS 939 FR Flame retardant, industrial, elastic bonding adhesive. Demonstrates high strength and vibration damping properties. Excellent weathering resistance.
TEROSON PU 6700 Body Repair – Multi-purpose bonder. 2-component polyurethane, tack-free time: 30 min.
TEROSON PU 8597 HMLC Body Repair – Direct glazing adhesive, 1-component polyurethane. Safe drive-away time of 1 hour acc. to FMVSS and 4 hours acc. to European crash test standard.
TEROSON PU 92 White, gun-grade, 1-part, adhesive/sealant based on polyurethane, which cures by reaction with moisture to an elastic product.
TEROSON PU 9225 Body Repair – Plastic repair adhesives: the allrounder. 2-component polyurethane, pot life: 10 min.
TEROSON PU 9500 FOAM Body Protection – Sound-deadening foam. 2-component polyurethane, density 35 kg/m³.
TEROSON PU PLASTIC REPAIR SET Body Repair – Plastic repair set for paintable plastic parts.
TEROSON RB 81 Black, very high tackiness and adhesion strength butyl sealant, available as a sealing tape for cold application or pumpable from a drum when heated.
TEROSON RB VII Body Repair – Seam sealing: permanently plastic profiled sealing tape. Synthetic rubber.
TEROSON SB 3120 Body Repair – Underbody coating spray. Rubber and resin, for small isolated areas and touching up local spots after accident repairs, overpaintable.
TEROSON SB 3140 Body Repair – Anti-chip spray. Synthetic resin, cure time approx. 2 h.
TEROSON SB S3000 Body Repair – Anti-chip coating product. Synthetic resin, good abrasion resistance, overpaintable.
TEROSON Teromix Pistol 6700 Equipment – Dispensing tool, hand gun, 2-component cartridges (2 x 25 ml), twin cartridges mixing ratio 1:1.
TEROSON VR 5000 Body Repair – Bonding: Styrene butadiene rubber (SBR), multi-purpose contact adhesive spray, pressure-sensitive.
TEROSON WT 112 DB Acoustic coating for soundproofing applications featuring an aqueous synthetic resin base. Good thermal insulation properties.
TEROSON WT 450 AQUA Body Repair – Corrosion protection: water-based cavity wax and anti-corrosive agent, good creeping qualities, high temperature resistance.
TEROSON WX 150 FAST CUT Silicone-free, highly effective polishing compound for vehicle paint systems. It eliminates wear and tear, overspray and grit 2000 sanding marks.
TEROSON WX 157 HP HEAVY CUT Silicone-free, highly effective polishing compound for vehicle paint systems. It eliminates wear and tear, overspray and grit sanding marks.
TEROSON WX 159 XP HEAVY CUT Silicone-free, highly effective polishing compound for vehicle paint systems. It eliminates wear and tear, overspray and grit sanding marks.
TEROSON WX 160 FINE CUT Silicone-free, highly effective polishing compound for vehicle paint systems. It eliminates wear and tear, overspray and grit sanding marks.
TEROSON WX 175 HP GLAZE Silicone-free, highly effective polishing compound for vehicle paint systems. It eliminates wear and tear, overspray and grit sanding marks.
TEROSON WX 178 HP Silicone-free, highly effective polishing compound for vehicle paint systems. It eliminates wear and tear, overspray and grit sanding marks.
TEROSON WX 970 Body Repair – Corrosion protection: underbody wax, bitumen-free.
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