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Silver Star 

Love it or hate it, you will never forget it.1,620m long and 73m high for a three-minute adrenaline-filled ride!

A beast, but beautiful 

It is getting dark, it is already -16°C, it is beginning to snow and you are on an icy 30 degree-steep slope. Not exactly perfect driving conditions, but the sleek metallic silver Prinoth Beast does not even blink. No wonder this monster piste groomer is the most powerful in the world! It is also the most efficient, with over 40% more grooming area, which is good news for the environment.

Adhesive at the double 

Loctite’s Double Bubble is a new general purpose, single use, five minute two part epoxy resin adhesive suitable for maintenance applications that demand fast setting.

Adhesives are not second best 

Mechanical methods of joining substrates are acceptable in many circumstances – but they do present difficulties which can be readily overcome with adhesives.

Bearing the pressure 

Managing – better yet, reducing – costs is important to everyone. But making such economies cannot be at the expense of quality – or it won’t be long before complaints start rolling in. So, what do designers and engineers who are tasked with having to preserve, or even improve, quality while reducing the cost of manufacture or maintenance need to consider?

Bonding - By Design 

When it comes to designing with adhesives as the joining medium, there are a number of aspects that need to be considered. For example, the most appropriate adhesive technology should be high on the list, together with method of application. (An adhesives manufacturer will be pleased to assist with these choices.)

Coping with Chrome 

Chromates provide a crucial function to a wide range of industries. In particular, Hexavalent chromates have been employed to coat metal components in order to afford protection from corrosion and, therefore, extend their working life. The automotive industry has been a particularly heavy consumer – with an estimated four to seven grams of Hexavalent coatings used on each new vehicle.

Throwing new light on adhesive dispensing 

As an increasing number of companies can testify, utilising dispensing equipment for adhesives offers a wide range of benefits.

Gap-filling bonding within seconds 

Mind the Gap! Anyone who has traveled on the London Underground will be familiar with this safety notice. But “minding the gap” was also something that people had to do when using instant adhesives. With Loctite 3090, Henkel has now developed the first gap-filling instant adhesive, thus considerably expanding the range of uses.

Updating a classic 

243 and 270, those six simple digits stand for two of Henkel’s most successful products under the Loctite brand. These medium and high-strength threadlockers, widely sold in the iconic red 50ml bottle, are for Henkel’s industrial customers what Persil is for the consumer market. Upgrading a classic is always risky, but Henkel product manager Erik Edelmann and his multifunctional global team still decided to go ahead with it.

A public transport celebrity 

Not many trams are lucky enough to acquire an online fan base. One of the lucky few is the TMK2200 low-floor tram, produced by the Croatian company Končar. The TMK2200’s most loyal fans on YouTube refer to it as “the best tram on earth” and the “the prettiest tram ever”.

Bringing in the harvest 

How much grain can you harvest in just eight hours? The answer is 551 tons – if you are sitting in the driver’s seat of the CR 9090 combine harvester produced by New Holland in Belgium. The 551 tons brought in by the CR 9090 actually set a Guinness World Record back in September 2008.

Light-cure adhesives for medical engineering 

Currently adhesives are as vital to medical engineering as they are to virtually every other branch of industry. The use of this still relatively young joining technology is also likely to further increase in the future. Under the Loctite brand, Henkel offers a wide range of specialty adhesives specifically developed for the production of medical equipment. In particular, light-cure adhesive technologies are playing an ever more important role in this segment. And Henkel is presenting its full, integrated spectrum of innovative solutions for this field at MEDTEC Europe 2010.

The poetry of added value 

A slight, but unmistakable scent of vanilla pervades the hallway, and the attention of the visitor is captured by the nostalgic beauty of some antique Italian motorcycles decorating the room. What seems like the entrance to an exclusive spa or a fancy hang-out for motorcycle enthusiasts actually leads to a showroom for water taps and showerheads. But if you associate water taps and shower heads with the appropriate aisle in the DIY store, you need to think again.

Hard Work 

The enormous power the Terex machines wield requires the reliability that Loctite adhesives and sealants can ensure. Locating studs of the differential or sealing of the rigid flanges. This is a perfect example of how Loctite products provide optimisation in production.

Leading in Health & Safety 

With the new threadlockers Loctite 2400 and Loctite 2700 Henkel once again asserts its position as a technology leader. The latest innovations to come out of the company’s Dublin labs are a medium and a high-strength threadlocker with a “white” Material Safety Data Sheet.

Meeting the needs of a changing industrial society 

 This spring Henkel is launching two new products developed to meet the needs of a changing industrial society: The anaerobic adhesive Loctite 5188 and the anaerobic threadlocker Loctite 276 are a result of Henkel’s close co-operation with key players in the automotive and other industries. To harness the full power of the Loctite brand, the company is rumoured to be launching a massive advertising campaign soon in addition to the product launch.

A German masterpiece 

Imagine a 82 m long, rock-eating submarine with four floors, as tall as a high rise building with 20 floors lying on its side. This monster is heavier than a dozen 747 jumbo jets and creeps forward through the earth behind a more than 9 m tall rotating cutting face. Sounds a little outlandish to you? Product of a hyperactive imagination? If you thought that, you were wrong. This is not Hollywood, this is the Discovery Channel.

High-Tech from Sweden 

The island Öckerö, off Sweden‘s West coast, is home to the ship propeller manufacturer Berg Propulsion, one of Sweden‘s leading high tech companies. Henkel had the opportunity to observe the production process at Berg‘s island plant. The gigantic propeller, with a diameter of more than 9 metre, dwarfs the men standing next to it. The shining bronze propeller blades appear almost menacing in their shining perfection. At every stage of the manufacturing process Loctite products have an important role to play.


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